The personal marketing handbook

Your fully-personalized playbook for growing your company online.

Our Brand Media - Personal Marketing Handbook

What is the Personal Marketing Handbook?

Our Brand Media’s Personal Marketing Handbook is our solution for small-medium sized businesses that want a professional online presence, but want to do it in-house.

This book includes everything you need to know about your own marketing efforts, and what you should be doing.

Our clients use this book for reference when working on Facebook ads, thinking of content ideas, or when you really need to push for extra sales.

Whats included in the handbook:

  • A fully-customized write up of your business goals, marketing goals, and target market

  • Suggested platforms for your specific business

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your social media channels

  • An evaluation of your website and online reputation

  • Personalized Facebook advertising tips

  • Posting tips for your social media and blogs

  • 20 personalized post ideas for you

  • App recommendations to help with your marketing efforts

  • A personalized timeline of where and when you should take action

What you get:

Your Personal Marketing Handbook - Our Brand Media

1 Physical copy of Your Personal Marketing Handbook

Customized Marketing Strategy Our Brand Media

Digital copy of Your Personal Marketing Handbook

Drew Macbain Our Brand Media

1 Hour consultation and book review with an OBM employee

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