Conquering Facebook and Instagram with Minuteman Press

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Instagram and Facebook have established themselves as important storytelling platforms for businesses. With more consumer attention moving towards them than ever before, there are huge opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers and scale their awareness.

Minuteman Press is an international chain with a range of print-related products & services, these may include business cards & signage, but they can really do anything print-related. 

The Challenge

Minuteman Press came to OBM in March for help gaining some attention online. They understood that their customers were on social media, but they needed help to stay in front of their audience and show off some of their lesser-known products. We immediately saw the opportunity to introduce new customers to this local franchise with social media. 

OBM's Approach

Leveraging two innovative conversational platforms, Facebook and Instagram, we started working to create a piece of content 5 times per week on each channel. The campaign consisted of engaging posts that were relevant to the printing industry, and highlights of recent client work to educate potential customers and show them exactly what Minuteman could provide. We started using monthly social contests as a tool to increase the page awareness and used their existing email list to drive more traffic to the contests. 

The Result

If you don’t understand that eyeballs equal cash, you don’t understand business.
— Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia

Using this simple strategy, Minuteman Saskatoon has grown their social media reach to over 1,000 different people. Their website traffic has grown by 22% in the first month, and they are getting consistent orders/ inquiries from social media. These numbers will all continue to grow as they keep up this strategy. 

These short-term results are amazing, and it's nice to see an immediate return from their online presence, but social media is a long-term game. They now can be part of the conversation. Their customers have a direct way to talk to them, and vice versa. When their followers think of printing and promotional products, they will think of Minuteman Press. 

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