Viahera's new website

 Viahera approached Our Brand Media in early November, with the challenge of developing a website that would not only showcase their collection of products, but also tell the story behind the brand. Viahera’s vision is to inspire women of all sizes, cultures, and nationalities from all over the world to dress-up more, laugh more, explore more, and LIVE more. Working with Jeanny (Owner/Creative Director) was an awesome experience. We really wanted to catch her vision and her spirit in her webpage, as well as the life of the “female explorer”. She’s opening a pop-up shop December 1st, for more details, visit their new website here!

Designing a website for Titanium Photographic

Titanium Photographic tasked us with developing a website that would invite people to look at the work of owner and photographer Greg Clark. He has developed a unique style in his work that has strong and bold contrasts between light and dark areas, and we wanted the website visitors to see through his eyes when visiting Titanium Photographic. Using high quality images exclusively from Titanium, we had a beautiful modern website up and running within the week. 

You can view the website here.

This is what Greg had to say about his experience:


"I approached Drew MacBain of Our Brand Media because I was forming a new photographic business and wanted to be able to highlight my work and attract new clients.  

Our Brand Media helped me by creating a functioning website and tying in my other social media platforms.

The result was a visually stunning website that is easy to navigate to all my other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and displays my photographs in hi-resolution.

One thing I liked was their quick turnaround time from the first email to having the site up and running and fully integrated within a few days.

I found the experience an easy journey, Drew MacBain is very capable and professional in his abilities to take your vision and make it a reality.

I would recommend Our Brand Media to people starting a new venture who need help in creating an online presence in order to draw awareness to their businesses."

Greg Clark
Titanium Photographic