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Our Brand Media is a marketing and advertising agency based out of Saskatoon SK.

We help businesses with their online marketing efforts to improve their bottom line.

What we do

Our Brand Media Web Design

Web Design

We design custom-built, mobile friendly websites for small-medium sized businesses.

Our Brand Media Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We do everything from your content creation and posting, to managing reviews and questions about your business.

About OBM

My name is Drew MacBain, I am the founder and owner of Our Brand Media Inc. 

Think about the world that we live in today. Nobody watches a TV commercial. Nobody listens to radio ads. Everyone is consuming all of their favorite content on one small device: their phone. When people turn on their phone, they look at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google.

The attention just isn't where traditional marketing is used anymore. A business in 2018 needs to adapt and market themselves on a platform that people will pay attention to. What we do is target people who would be interested in your business, and make sure they see you whenever they're online. We partner with clients to grow their online presence with professional website development, content marketing, influencer marketing, and everything in between.


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